RomeEbikeTour was the first tour of the Eternal City on e-bikes.

Nine years ago, when the first RomeEbikeTour took place, we were the only ones to believe in the revolutionary power of electric bikes, as in Rome you need to cycle uphill and downhill to get around the city centre.

Since that day, dozens of tourists have experienced our tours, enjoying the ease of visiting this amazing city on an e-bike. And today, we are still offering tourists our famous e-bike tours. And we enjoy it! Why? Because we love to show our beautiful city, with ease and breeze on the most modern electric bikes!

Local guides, genuine experience

Our local expert guides are used to going around Rome on ebikes, they will be with you and ready to help you throughout the tour even when roman traffic jam seems impossible; trust us: it’s not! Everyone who comes on our tours discovers that on an ebike is the best way to visit Rome…and with us it’s even better!

Our guides are born and breed in Rome, but that doesn’t mean they do not speak anything but “Mamma Mia!”… You will meet real romans from the city who speak fluently English, Spanish, French, Portoguese, German, etc. etc.

For any question write us or use the reservation form.